The Meaning Behind the Name

The ginger flower is vibrant and beautiful, and is a symbol of strength.

When cared for, with water, food and warming energy, it will grow to be the best it can be.

The goodness of the ginger plant, however, is what lies underneath.

Ginger is unique - when you taste ginger, you know it’s ginger.

Ginger is versatile - it can be sweet, it can be savoury, it can even be spicy.

But above all …

Ginger is nourishing and healing - many of the world’s oldest civilisations have used ginger across the ages as part of traditional remedies.

Red Ginger is a metaphor for us, the individual.

When we achieve balance and harmony in our lives, we are not only the best people we can be, but we are also in the best position to help others.


The Logo



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logo meaning behind the page


The Ginger flower is red and purple, representing the beginning and end of the colour spectrum, the rainbow and of the chakras. Its leaves are the remaining colours, and together symbolise that we must look after ourselves from beginning to end, and everything in between.

There is light and dark shading on the petals. This represents Yin and Yang, and symbolises the need for harmony and balance in all that we do and all that we are.  


The yellow and orange leaves represent the warming energy of the sun, the love and light in our relationships.



The blue and indigo leaves represent the water, the importance of hydration and acknowledging our inner pool of emotions.



The green leaves represent the earth and its nutrients, nourishing mind, body and soul, and the grounding of the spirit.


There are eight parts to the logo, comprising the seven colours and white at the base of the flower.

This is the most auspicious number in Chinese philosophy, and also represents what we believe to be the eight different areas of holistic health and wellbeing - medical, psychological, physical, nutritional, relational, creative, spiritual, and representative.

From a shamanistic perspective, the logo also represents a spider on its web. In North American lore the spider (also with eight legs) symbolises the Mother of Mother Earth, divine inspiration and creativity.

Lastly, the background is white, representing the unity of the colour spectrum, the highest incarnation of health and wellbeing, happiness and enlightenment.

This is what Red Ginger Services would like to help you achieve in life.