Body Image & Self-Esteem

Positive body image and self-esteem are vital to leading a physically and mentally healthy life. They determine how we view ourselves and our place in the world and are tied to every aspect of our lives, from what we wear, to our moods, relationships and sexuality.

One of the downsides of modern society is that we and our youth are bombarded with 'cookie-cutter' images and unrealistic ideals. So what are the facts?


  • Almost 1 in 2 females, and 1 in 5 males, are either very concerned or extremely concerned about their body image, (Mission Australia, 2014)
  • For the 5th year in a row, body image rated as one of the top three of all concerns of young people in Australia, (Mission Australia, 2014)
  • 84.3% of young people reported they know at least one person with an eating disorder, (NEDC, 2010)
  • Women with an eating disorder are 75% more likely to develop depression, (ACHPER Healthy Lifestyles Journal)


It is increasingly essential to help young people and adults learn about building a healthy body image and positive self-esteem.

Red Ginger Services offers a number of body image and self-esteem programs to help people understand how to be the best that they can be.

Our programs:

  • Teach participants about balanced nutrition, healthy lifestyle, mental wellbeing and being media savvy
  • Raise awareness of body image issues and highlight all the qualities that make up a person
  • Help to stop the cycle of negative body ideals and misinformation by developing resilience and increasing self-respect
  • Complement traditional forms of therapy


Programs offered: 



What is body image?

How you feel about your appearance






What is self-esteem?

How much confidence you
have in yourself



Body Image 1

Rock What Ya Got! 

Age: 10-17 years 

Included Topics:  being healthy & unique / developing media savvy/ lifestyle choices & balanced eating / bullying, body image & social media / resilience, self confidence & support 

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My One, My Only 

Age: 18 years and older 

Included Topics:  internal & external qualities / reality of media imagery / balanced nutrition & life long health / developing a strong sense of self & being a positive role model 

My Body My Temple1

My Body, My Temple 

Age: 18 years and older 

Included Topics:  mind, body & state of being / media & sense of self / balance, harmony & food as medicine / harnessing our natural gifts & helping others

Rock What Ya Got!


And I said to my body, softly, “I want to be your friend.”

It took a long breath and replied, “I have been waiting my whole life for this.

                                           - Nayyirah Waheed


Rock What Ya Got! is our body image and self-esteem program for 10-17 year-olds with an adaptable format.

It teaches participants about the importance of maintaining positivity in the way they view themselves, by looking beyond the superficial and appreciating what the body allows us to do, to feel and to become.

 Rock What Ya Got! introduces strategies for strength against the barrage of media imagery and helps to develop realistic ideas about participants’ own bodies and the bodies of others.

The program is suitable for all young people, including those who are struggling with poor body image and self-esteem, and those showing early signs of dysphoria.

Our program explores:

  • The importance of being healthy and unique
  • Developing media savvy
  • Lifestyle choices and balanced eating, (including a healthy cooking class)
  • Bullying, body image and social media (optional)
  • Resilience, self-confidence and support

We aim to challenge negative stereotypes, promote safe and healthy relationships with themselves and others, and teach them how to think critically in regards to body image and what they are being exposed to.



body image


My One, My Only

My One, My Only is our body image and self-esteem program tailored for adults.

It has a flexible format and a strong focus on developing media savvy, making sense of mixed health messages and increasing self-confidence from an older perspective.

Using a variety of media and activities to get our messages across, My One, My Only is a fun and engaging way to look at the ‘bigger picture’ of health and body image.


Our program explores:

  • Appreciating both internal and external qualities
  • Exposing the reality of common media imagery
  • Balanced nutrition and maintaining life-long health, (including a healthy cooking class)
  • The development of a strong sense of self and being a positive role model



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My Body, My Temple

My Body, My Temple is our body image and self-esteem program for adults with a holistic and spiritual focus.

The course has a flexible format and expands on notions of health with a more organic approach.

The program is suitable for participants who are interested in taking a deeper look into the essence of health and wellness.

Our program explores:

  • The connection between mind and body and how it relates to our state of being
  • Understanding the media and its effects on our sense of self
  • Achieving a state of balance and harmony and the concept of food as medicine (including a healthy cooking class)
  • Harnessing our natural gifts and using them to help others