Baby Rentals


The closest experience to caring for a real baby!


Red Ginger Services is pleased to offer the unique opportunity for individuals to hire a virtual baby for up to 5 nights.

Programmed to cry randomly across the 24 hour cycle, the virtual baby will require feeding, burping, rocking and having their nappy changed.


  • Baby orientation session
  • Sexual health booklet
  • Detailed baby care report
  • Choice of 35 virtual babies with different genders and ethnicities

Ideally suited for:

  • Parents who want their children to experience what it is like to care for a baby at their age
  • Students who missed out on the opportunity at school or who would like the opportunity to do the program again
  • Students who would like a sneak preview, if they are enrolled in the program at school
  • Small groups/classes of participants
  • Expecting mothers
  • Women who are considering parenthood for the first time





*A discount for multiple baby

rentals may apply.




*Virtual baby drop off and pick up

can be arranged at additional cost



Equipment Rentals


Looking for a unique experience for your class?


Equipment rental packages including the virtual babies and other program equipment are available for schools and community organisations.

Equipment available for rent includes:


Virtual Babies 

 Computerised babies programmed to cry randomly across a 24 hour cycle – 35 available with different ethnicities and genders.


Pregnancy Vest 

An adjustable suit worn by the participant, which has an internal water bladder and stimulates being 7 months pregnant (weighs ~ 10 kg).


Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) Babies 

A baby simulating the physical effects of maternal alcohol use during pregnancy.

Drug Affected Babies

A baby simulating the physical effects of maternal drug use during pregnancy.


We can tailor an equipment rental package to suit your needs and budget!

Train the trainer sessions are also available.



Download the flyer or complete our 'Baby Rental Form' below!


Please note that all rentals require

a fully - refundable deposit


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Pregnancy Vest One Two

FAS Baby One TwoThree

Drug Affected Baby One TwoThree


Alex - American Indian Male

Belle - Asian Female

Carly - American Indian Female


Charlie - Caucasian Male

Chole - Caucasian Female


Cody - African American Male

David - Asian Male


Dylan - American Indian Male

Ella - African American Female

Felix - Half African American / Half Caucasian Male

Harry - African American Male

Jasmine - American Indian Female

Kirrily - African American Female

Lara - Caucasian Female

Leah - Half African American / Half Caucasian Female

Lee - Asian Male

Red Ginger Baby Rentals Perth Carine

Liam - Caucasian Male

Red Ginger Baby Rentals Perth Carine

Lily - Asian Female

Lincoln - African American Male

Luke - Half African American / Half Caucasian

Matt - Caucasian Male


Max - Caucasian Male

Mia - Caucasian Female

Michael - Asian Male

Natalie - Caucasian Female

Oliver - Caucasian Male

Olivia - Caucasian Female

Peyton - Caucasian Female

Phoebe - American Indian Female

Richie - African American Indian Male

Rose - Asian Female

Sam - Caucasian Female

Red Ginger Baby Think it Over Program Perth Carine Hire

Tahlia - Half African American / Half Caucasian Female

Taj - Caucasian Male

Tash - African American Female


Whilst all effort will be made to deliver your selection, please note that it is not always possible.